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How to Set Up Business Email in Gmail (Send and Receive)

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With Gmail being the default email service for many users, you might be wondering how to set up your business email in Gmail.

You’re not alone; there are tons of businesses that use Gmail as their main email address. Because of this, Google has made it easy for you to have a fast and easy-to-use email account.

Here is our guide on how to set up and then manage business email in Gmail like a pro.

Step 1: Examine emails from other accounts (using POP)

1) The first step after signing in to your personal Gmail is to inform it that you wish to retrieve emails sent to your other actual email account.

  • Select the gear icon in the top-right corner of Gmail.
  • After selecting Settings, go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  • Tick the box that says “Enable POP for all mail” if it isn’t already selected (if you wish, you can also enable IMAP if you plan to use that later).
  • Save Changes can be found at the bottom of the page. Gmail will return you to your inbox, so click the gear icon/settings once more to proceed.

how to set up business email in gmail

2) Return to Settings and select the Accounts and Import option. Continue down the screen and select “Check email from other accounts” on the left.

  • To launch the wizard, click “Add a mail account”.

add mail account gmail

3) Fill out the pop-up box with your login information. READ CAREFULLY; if you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us.

Tips: Please take note that you must first create or have your own business email. The business email normally associates with your business domain for example is the business website.

Your email address might be If unsure, please refer to your IT administrator or business superior.

  • Choose next after entering your email address, such as

Comment: I’ve seen in the past that entering your username with the “@” sign does not always operate for some strange reason. As a result, I learned that entering the username with a + sign instead does in fact occasionally work better. This appears to be a Gmail oddity, so if you have difficulty finding the username using the @ sign, consider using the plus sign in its place: for example,

  • Include the email account’s password in the list.
  • The POP server address, often, should be entered. This address can be found in your cPanel account or in the Welcome email that was given to you when you successfully registered.
  • Either 993 or 995 could be the port number. You can now select the other parameters that suit your preferences.Important: These settings can always be changed later, but we strongly advise that you stick with them.
  • If you have a large number of older historical messages, we suggest that you check the box for “Archive incoming messages.”

edit mail account gmail

Once completed, every time someone sends an email to your business email, you will receive it in the Gmail Inbox. To avoid mixing up with your personal Gmail account inbox, you can set filtering by labeling and making a new folder for the business email.

Step 2: Using Gmail’s “Send Mail As” feature, send emails from your custom address.

  • If the aforementioned step was successful, Gmail ought to provide you with the question “Would you like to send an email from this address?” Click yes and proceed with the wizard if you haven’t already configured it.
  • Select the highlighted Send through SMTP servers link below.

how to send email as gmail

  • Enter as the server SMTP address, which may be found in your cPanel account or in the welcome email you received when you created an account.
  • Various ports may need to be tried; typically, PORT 465 will function.
  • Fill in your email address as follows: or if failed you can try use
  • The password you choose when creating must be entered.
  • Highlights TLS-secured connection
  • Hit “Finish”

Now in Gmail, click Compose, at the From section, you can choose your business email as Sender.

Final Words

Now you have a complete setup of business email in Gmail. All this means is that you shouldn’t be afraid to use the tools available from a good email provider.

Gmail isn’t just for personal email, and it has plenty of features and add-ons to help you handle the needs of your business.

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