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8 Best Free WordPress Plugins for Business Website

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Having a WordPress website or blog without plugins seems awkward. The plugins are used to accelerate and smooth your business blog performance by integrating the function of the main blog.

For WordPress, there are more than sixty thousand plugins which categorize in various functions to suit your website. It’s ready to be used based on your needs.

For a fully functional website, the plugins should not focus only on the interfaces such as layout and theme but beyond that.

The great WordPress plugins for a business website should be extremely focused to increase blog traffic, increasing sales, and being able to provide info that customer needs.

Learn How to Build a Business Website Here.

That’s the main objective of having a website in the first place. Then, what are the free WordPress plugins for the business website that you should use?

Here I’ve presented to you eight (8) best free WordPress plugins for a new website.

So far, the plugins help me a lot and I believe it should provide the same to you. Let’s find out.

1. AddToAny Share Buttons

Another great WordPress plugin for a business website is social media sharing. With this sharing button, the visitor is easily able to share your post with just one click.

Next, your blog post will appear on the visitor’s social media wall.

To achieve this goal, I use AddToAny Share Buttons to encourage visitors to share my post. The interface was good and easy to configure on your blog.

addtoany share button

With these plugins, you are able to determine the total count of like by the visitors. What you need to do is look at the sharing button.

It’s a good metric because you can analyze what type of post most likely your visitors are going to share by looking at the total count.

Also, you can determine which social media platform is the visitor’s favorite to share the content.

For social media platforms, I set up at least three social media providers:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Depending on your needs, you also can have more than three social media by adding Google Plus, Reddit, Flipboard even Whatsapp to the list.

 2. Akismet Anti-Spam

In layman’s terms, spam is an unsolicited comment sent by an unethical person (spammer) with the intention to promote their link.

The worst part is, that the spammer also tends to become a scammer (fraud).  In 2017, the loss recorded related to the scam issue recorded more than $90 million which was divided into various categories such as investment scams and dating.

As for a website, is not up to losing money. The spammer normally tends to promote their services by dropping a comment on the blog post.

For the solution, you can use Akismet Anti-Spam to protect your business website from the spammer.

By default, Akismet Anti-Spam is available during your first-time setting up the website.

You don’t need to install it unless not available in your plugin listing. All you need is to activate the plugin.

Although it’s free to use but still have the powerful capability to combat spam comment.

The objective of Akismet is to filter and discard spam comments from being published in the post.

The spam comment usually contains input such as:

  • Commentator name using keyword
  • Hyperlink on the text or comment body
  • An inappropriate link provides example gambling, casino, alcohol, and related.

When Akismet detects this type of comment is posted, it will filter and categorize it as spam. You may check the Comments section for the spam comment being sent by the spammer.

3. Forminator

In order for the visitor to reach your business, you need to establish a communication channel.

Apart from email and phone number, you also can give options via a contact form. The visitors only need to fill up with appropriate inquiry then send their requests.

One of the free WordPress plugins for a new website I use is Forminator. Having been downloaded and used by more than 300,000 times, it shows how reliable the plugin is to create an impressive form.

The types of forms normally used on the business website are general inquiry forms, requests for quotations, and technical support forms.

The great thing about Forminator is it comes with Captcha to protect from spammer on the form.

 4. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP (GADWP) by ExactMetrics

Traffic is the heart of your blog because it’s a very important element to measure your website traffic performance.

Without traffic and visitor, no point in having a website since it will end up with a waste of time, money, and effort.


For a new website, it’s understood that hard to get a decent amount of traffic at the beginning.

As you slowly build up your audience, the blog starts to receive visitors, then how to measure the traffic you received?

In general, the traffic contains the explanation for your visitor performance such as:

  • Who visits your blog?
  • Where are the visitors come from?
  • When does the visitor visit?
  • Which page or post gets the highest readers?
  • What is your visitor’s segment – age, location, etc?
  • How long has the visitor read your blog?

To answer the 5W1H (Who, Where, When, What, Why & How), you need a tool.  As for now, the great plugin which has all the answers to the 5W1H is Google Analytics.

Install Google Analytics and integrate it with your Google Account. For WordPress, Google Analytics is showing on the dashboard but in the basic information.

The depth statistics are available on the Google Analytic website. On the Google Analytics website, you can learn further details about website traffic, pages, behavior, and many more. Besides, it’s also free to install.

5. Yoast SEO

Writing a blog post without guidance is like walking in the dark without light.  You can walk, but most probably you will be lost and end up at the wrong place.

Unless you are very good at writing and SEO, then you might ignore this plugin.

But why do you want to do that if it can benefit your writing skill? Besides, it’s free to use.

For blog writing, I’m using Yoast SEO plugin as the guidance. It can guide the blog post written on a good track with search engine optimization(SEO) elements.

Yoast SEO becomes one of the first free WordPress plugins I install to guide me in writing.

Before writing a blog post, you have to set a focus keyword and write the article within the keyword.

For example, you set the focus keyword “how to build a business website“, then in the article, you should mention regularly this keyword.

You should also add related keywords to support the article such as “build a website” and “how to create a website”.

Yoast SEO will analyze your articles in ‘live mode’. It detects the problem found related to SEO such as keyword density, meta description, image, internal link, and external link.

There are lots of factors used by Yoast SEO to rate your blog post.

In summary, you can see the indicator for Readability and SEO is appear at the top of the article. If you get green Good for both indicators, your article is on a good track following SEO guidelines.

For me, Yoast SEO is one of the must-have WordPress plugins for a business website. It is just awesome and helps you a lot.

6. W3 Total Cache

If you’re looking to boost your performance, this plugin is all you need. W3 Total Cache will improve speed and user experience.

As a cache plugin, it optimizes database caching so that access to the website becomes more quick and fast.

7. OneSignal Push Notification

The easy way for visitors to subscribe updated post blog is using push notification. The users only need to press the button and every time a new update, it will automatically pop up on the screen.

OneSignal is a free plugin that offers that capability. The main reason for using push is to remember your past visits to come again to your website and read the new post updates.

Even though it’s a very basic notification method, it is also as good as using email marketing.

8. PrettyLink

Long URL is hard to remember and look messy if you type or share with anybody. Using PrettyLink you can shorten the URL especially if you are in affiliate marketing.


Using free WordPress plugins able your website to accelerate and increase engagement with your visitors.

No point in having a fancy website if no visitors are not able to get any benefits from it.

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