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How to Compress PNG Images Using Free Websites

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One of the important files on the blog is the images. The problem with the images is the size. Blog performance depends on the size of the images. Here is how to compress PNG images using free websites.

For info, the bigger the image size, the slower it might be. You need to compress to optimize the size.

1. What is Image Compression?

In short, it’s a process to reduce the size of the images without affecting the quality and structure. The Portable Graphic Format (PNG) image is a lossless data compression format.

PNG is widely used on websites and blogs because the quality of the image is much better than JPG.

It’s a good choice for drawing, painting, icons and graphics. It also can display a transparent background.

When you do image compression, it’s hard to differentiate between before and after because it looks similar. That’s the beauty of image compression.

Another advantage, you will have more space in the future for your website. Rather than store a 5MB image, it only requires a 1MB image size. It saves 4MB on storage and can be reserved for future files.

2. What are the 10 Free Websites to Compress PNG Files?

Before that, let’s take a look at a simple experiment I’ve done for the below image which has been compressed on PNG websites.


The original size is 2.65MB (1920 x 967px) but after going through the compressing process, I can get only 863 KB. It saves me almost 2Mb with a 68% deduction of size.

how to compress png

Which one is better in terms of image compression? The results might be varied depending on the algorithm that has been used by that particular website.



    Pro: Easy to use. Accept up to 20 images at the same time for image compression. You can save it to your computer or Dropbox.

    It also provides you with WordPress plugin for the blog (automatically optimize and compress PNG files after uploaded to the blog).

    Con: For free use, the images are up to 5MB only.

    Want more features? Upgrade to Pro Version for $25 per year. You can compress more than 20 images at once. The file size limit also upgrades to 25MB each.


    Pro: Easy to use. Can upload up to 20 concurrent images.

    Con: Not found


    Pro: Can upload up to 40 images with a maximum size of 50MB each. Huge size accepted to compress PNG files. You can have multiple options either to download all files or to save to Dropbox or Google drive.

    Con: Not found.



    Pro: Easy to use. Can select the images from your computer, Dropbox or Google Drive

    Con: Limited to 15 images. Become a registered user and you can upload up to 30 files.


    Pro: Easy to use. You can download all files, and save them to Dropbox or Google drive.

    Con: Files limit up to 10MB


    Pro: Easy to use. Browse from the computer.

    Con: One file at a time.


    Pro: Easy to use. Up to 100 images. 40MB each file

    Con: Not found


    Pro: Easy to use. You can upload from computer, Dropbox or Google drive.

    Con: Not found

  9. Compress-Or-Die

    Pro: Easy to use.

    Con: Take some time to load the process.


    Pro: Easy to use. Can upload from the computer or URL up to 20 images.

    Con: Not found

3. Conclusion

The website to compress PNG images is a great tool to optimize your images. Since it’s free and useful, you have advantages to make your blog performance run better. In a summary, each of the free websites has the capability to compress PNG with an acceptable compression ratio (more than 70%).

What tools do you use to compress PNG files?

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