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How to Switch Off ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ Tracking From Website

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Facebook may track you even if you are not in the service. In fact, Facebook is undoubtedly receiving information on you right now from websites and applications that seem unrelated to it.

Thankfully, we have created this guideline to help you switch off  Facebook from tracking your website. A tool called Off-Facebook Activity gathers a list of all the websites and applications that are secretly sending your data to Facebook.

You may want to switch off your Facebook activities tracking from your Website now for the following reasons.

How to discover who is providing your info on Facebook?

1. Launch

2. Click on your Profile Picture > Setting and Privacy > Settings

3. Click Privacy and click Your Facebook Information

4. Click view on Off-Facebook Activity > Manage Your Off-Facebook Activity to see which applications and websites are providing data to Facebook.

You’ll be given a list after entering your Facebook password, and it can be far longer than you anticipated.

How to remove your off-Facebook activity?

By selecting the “Clear History” button at the top of the page, you can remove this information from your Facebook account.

But first, you might want to muster up the confidence to explore the data more thoroughly by selecting Download Activity Details from each individual item.

Try removing your non-Facebook activities from your Facebook account does have a drawback, though. You will instantly be logged out of any apps or websites, such as Spotify or Tinder, where you had a Facebook account login.

In the event that you enter into these services using your Facebook account again, Facebook will once more receive information about your off-Facebook activity. Instead of using your Facebook account to log in, we advise using your email address.

How to stop all applications and websites from using Facebook?

To go a step further, we advise turning off any future off-Facebook activity on all websites and apps.

You may do this by visiting Settings > Your Facebook Information. Off-Facebook Activity > Additional Options > Manage Future Activity > Manage Future Activity, then deactivate the Future Off-Facebook Activity toggle.

Your off-Facebook actions won’t be detached from your Facebook account for 48 hours, so you should visit the Off-Facebook Activity part of Facebook once more a few days later to be confident that no fresh information has been sent to Facebook.

The information about your off-Facebook activities will still be sent to Facebook by third-party websites and applications that make use of any of Facebook’s business tools, but it will no longer be connected to your Facebook account.

Additionally, rather than your behaviors on other apps and websites, the Facebook advertising you see will be targeted at your activity on Facebook.


The tips in this article are designed to help you manage the data that you share on Facebook with those third-party sites.

There are several different options to better protect your data on third-party websites, so work out what works best for you.

Be sure to check out our next post about Facebook and effective privacy management practices.

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